Board Communication and Meeting Solutions

Board meeting and communication solutions offer an effective way to make decisions. It is essential for every board to maintain transparency, diversity of thought and focus on decision-making. Board members are under pressure to deliver results and this calls for communication between board members.

Technology can help improve our communication. With a reliable paperless meeting system in place boards can be sure that all the information they want to discuss is in one location.

This can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent preparing data packets prior to meetings. Directors also have the ability to access information at any moment from any device – making it easier to impart ideas.

Board portal software like onBoard improves collaboration and productivity while eliminating security risks. Its user-friendly interface lets board members effortlessly access all relevant information anytime during the course of a meeting. Search or page thumbnails can be employed to accomplish this. It lets users collaborate and comment on documents both offline and online by using real-time annotation tools. Moreover, it has voting and logging capabilities to speed up the process. It supports a variety of formats for files.

Furthermore it helps make meetings more efficient by enabling participants to see and hear each the other clearly. This helps avoid miscommunications and increases trust. It’s also simple to test audio quality, camera and internet connection. In addition, it can muffle mics and remote cameras, eliminate attendees from meetings and assign speakers directly from the video layout.

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